A Wedding day in France

Written by Cat

Who has never dreamed of a destination wedding in the most romantic country in the World ?


♥  Vive les Mariés !  ♥


8:00 am - Schiltigheim, France

Family Wake-up

My little niece is running everywhere when I emerge out of the room, her dad – my brother – running after to get her dressed up. My parents are in the kitchen, preparing the breakfast. It has been a while since our last family reunion and  I can feel the excitement in the air : it is the D-Day, my sister is getting married!

Soon I see her out of her bed with her special night outfit “The Bride Team”. We prepared it with my sister-in-law (we both are Maid of Honor) for the occasion.  The breakfast is ready but hardly enjoyed: we are already late for the hairdresser!

9:30 am - Strasbourg

The Bride’s Beauty 

The hairdresser knows my sister by heart: during the whole year, they met many times to prepare her hairs for the wedding, to choose the right style and flowers.

Surrounded by her (our) Mom, and her 2 Maid-of-Honor, my sister starts her day on a fun note. The official photograph has joined us for the preparation.

In between, we rush to the beautician for the make-up and the flower shop to collect the Bride’s bouquet and the flowers – real – to put in our hairs.





The result leaves me speechless…

12:00 pm - Schiltigheim, France

 The Dress

The preparation of the Bride is always moving, from the eyes of a sister, a mother or a friend. We see our girl getting ready, becoming a woman for the man she loves. The gown says a lot about the Bride: this one is simple with few sophistications here and there which makes it unique.

When she tried it the first time – a year ago – we all had the “Waaa” reaction. It was obvious and natural : the dress was made for her. And today she is even more beautiful with the hairdress, the jewels and the make-up.

There is a tradition in French weddings (which actually comes from UK) – the bride should wear:

  1. Something old
  2. Something new
  3. Something borrowed
  4. Something blue 











1:00 pm - Schiltigheim, France

 The Reveal

It is in park that the Groom is waiting to discover his future wife. The moment is intimate, they will join us at the Town Hall after few pictures.


2:00 pm - Schiltigheim's Town Hall, France


In France, a wedding has to be registered. Therefore, family, relatives and friends are waiting in front of the Town Hall to attend the quick ceremony. A civil servant leads the ceremony, and declares the couple officially hitched !

The Bride and the Groom have both of them 2 witnessers (We, the Maid of Honor) and the Bestment who sign the register.

Outside, the guests are already celebrating : Vive les Mariés !!!!


If the tradition wants guests to throw rice at the newly weds, it is now better to throw confetti, flowers or even bubbles. 


3:00 pm - On the road

 The Cortège

On our way to the reception’s hall, the traditional cortège is organized: all the cars keep on honking to make sure everybody knows about the marriage. People applaud on the road-side or honk back to congratulate the couple. It is very festive.

The newly wed couple leads the cortège
5:00 pm - Orbey, France

The Ceremony

As we reach the ceremony & reception’s place, all the guests have arrived for the “cérémonie laïque”. If you do not opt for a religious wedding, this is a solution to still have a beautiful ceremony with ring exchange (else the Town Hall is enough).

The notes of I’m Yours, Jason Mraz start, the Groom and his Mom walk the aisle, followed by the Bride and her Dad.

A friend officates as the speaker and gives us a beautiful moment to celebrate Love and Union. With a lot of emotions, we witness the ring exchange. As their love is alredy 10 years old, they attach a small polaroïd to a frame, continuing their relationship goals… A beautiful and symbolic idea.














6:00 pm - Orbey, France

 Le Vin d’Honneur

It is considered as a reception, with friends, relatives but also neighbours, colleagues or other far-friends. There is a buffet with mise-en-bouche and I must say : it is my favorite part !!

Vin d'honneur

To make the moment special, my co-Maid-of-Honor and I, along with the Bestmen and the help of friends, have prepared a small dance. The surprise is big and most appreciated.

We enjoy the games kept at our disposal and the photo-booth to click unforgettable moments.

But the best part is of course when the Bride throws her bouquet to the single ladies!

The Bride throws the bouquet to the single ladies...






9:00 pm - Orbey, France


It is time for dinner. Only those invited can stay – usually between 70 to 150 guests. The newly weds enter the room on a dynamic dance, and join the Table of Honour, with the Bridesmaids and Bestmen.

The dinner is very important in a French wedding. It is usually a sit-down 5-course dinner served with red and white wines. We enjoy good food and love to take time for it !

The dinner usually lasts 3 to 4 hours, with some games organized by the guests to entertain the couple and prepare them to their new married life.

Sit-Down Wedding Dinner
Dinner setting
11:00 pm - Orbey, France

 The First Dance

Nobody can go on the dancefloor until the Bride and the Groom open it with the First Dance.

An important and moving moment, quickly followed by trendy hits to light up the atmosphere.


Midnight - Orbey, France

 Party !

The dessert announces the end of the dinner and the beginning of the party.

The Croquembouche is the traditionnal French Wedding Cake. It is made of “choux” and filled with vanilla cream. We love it !!

The party goes on till late night, the most courageous will stay until the sun rises.


The wedding officially ends but most of the time, the relatives and close friends stay one more day together to enjoy the Bride and the Groom: it is well-known that the couple enjoys more the day after!

Pictures Copyright: Stéphanie Maier Photographie
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  1. Nadia says:

    We had a really good time together, I am happy to see my wedding narrated so nicely on this blog!
    Cat you were the best Maid of Honor I could dream of! This day was special thanks to you! =D

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