The luxury of simple life

Written by Cat

When it comes to French luxury, we think of Paris, French Riviera…

However, I have experienced the true nature of luxury: the simplicity of life.


It was a hot summer day in France when I woke up to the sound of birds. A ray of light was passing through the light-green shutter and the smell of toasted bread and coffee convinced me to get up.

In the patio, my host had prepared a royal breakfast: freshly brewed coffee, toasts, homemade jam, cakes, madeleines and fruits from the garden. What a good start to the day!

After a refreshing shower, I decide to visit the Capital of Île de Ré: Saint-Martin. While I stroll through the narrow streets and their white-wall houses, my eyes diverge on appealing designer creations. The small shops of artcrafts, delicatessen, souvenirs lengthen my walk before I reach the picturesque Port of the city.

I decide on a small lunch break on a terrasse, a perfect place for browsing, discussing with random people or watching the locals go about their business.

With 110km of cycle lanes (68miles), the Island is a paradise for cyclers. The circuit is flat, safe and very enjoyable. That is without mentioning the very cute old-fashioned bike I rented!

I am set off to explore the Island. I ride along the coast, pass by saltpans and oyster farms, stop at Le Phare des Baleines and enjoy a delicious Ice cream from La Martinière before heading to the beach.


It is time to rest and read a good book!

It is already 6pm when I decide to go home and get ready for the evening.


I join my new friends met in the morning at Saint-Martin for a dinner in their family house. Or should I say villa. Fresh oyster and seafood are already on the table with a local Rosé. The sun is slowly fading giving the Island its golden hour.

I feel happy. Connected with Nature and People.

Isn’t that luxury?





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