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Written by Cat

When a pineapple helps retargeting the experience of Reunion Island.

The operation in few words: after a visit to the official Tourism Board of Reunion Island’s page, Mainland French Internet Users interested in staying on the Island received in their mailbox discounts on a possible trip to Reunion Island and a Victoria pineapple! A gift which gave them a taste of the destination and encourage prospects to confirm their trip to Reunion.

An operation that has been a success for both the target audience and advertising professionals. The Jury of Trophées de l’Innovation Publicitaire 2019 was made up of 30 marketing and advertising decision makers, keen on innovation, and who were captivated by the project.

According to the tourism board, the operation was a real success for the 2000 people concerned :

– 99% of the targeted people were satisfied with the operation and expressed their surprise at the discovery of the parcel
– 78% of them shared the operation to their entourage & social networks.
– 54% seriously consider travelling to Reunion Island.


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