Trends 2019: What will be the next Honeymoon destinations ?

Written by Cat

The Monsoon is over, the temperatures are back to “bearable”… and the wedding season will start soon again.

A new batch of honeymooners will soon be  looking for their once-in-a-lifetime destination to enjoy their new married life.

Travel agents, Gear Up!

What are the trends for 2019 ?

The first keypoint to remember is PERSONALIZATION. It is clear – the clients want to feel unique with a tailor-made package adapted to their profile and budget.

Wishing to get the best deal, the clients will tend to SELF-SERVE: direct booking or online researches will give them the information that they need within a minute.

The DIGITAL world is indeed a precious source of information for the new generation, who feels more comfortable behind a computer/mobile screen than in front of a travel agent.

When it comes to the destinations, Islands are still on the top: Maldives,  Seychelles, Bali, Fiji are the favorite. But the interest is given to off-beats destinations: Cambodia, Philippines, Eastern-Europe (Hungary, Croatia, Bulgary).

If the newly-weds are of course looking for private time together after all the wedding rush, they also want to EXPERIENCE the destination: activities, sport, thrills… They want to combine luxury with adventure, a cocktail near the swimming pool after a bungee jump.


Happy Honeymooning !

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    Good Morning!

    Recently, I had to spend an agonising 3 months of my life in planning my honeymoon break! Following my ordeal, I have put together a guide on how to save money on a honeymoon (all based on my experience and independent research). I would like to contribute this guide to your blog to enlighten your readers a little.

    I have saved the article inside my google drive:

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    It would be fab if you could ping me the url of the published post as I would like to show off a little in front of my Facebook friends!

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