8 clichés about Reunion Island

Written by Cat

Here you are…Reunion Island. You have heard of the Island through an event, an ad, a friend… and you already imagine another Island destination, exotic and romantic, resorts & cocktails on the beach. Stop here. You are wrong.

Reunion is so much more.

And we will prove you.

1. Reunion Island is French…so near Paris ?

9 201km. This is the distance between Paris and Reunion Island, approximately 11-hour flight.

France has around 12 overseas territories & regions, and Reunion Island is one of them.

©IRT/Emmanuel VIRIN

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Island is actually closer to India (6-hour) and very near Mauritius (30mn flight).

2. Reunion Island is a beach destination

Yes. But no.

Reunion Island indeed enjoys 27km of a beautiful lagoon with white-sand beaches and turquoise water.

Boucan Canot

But Reunion Island is also :

One of the most active volcanoes in the World
Eruption 2015 by Richard BOUHET
Cirques & Remparts – Part of UNESCO World Heritage
Mafate by Emmanuel VIRIN
Primary Forests
by Corine TELLIER
Waterfalls & white waters
by Jérôme MARTINO

3. There is no Wild Life

Is it ?

4. Food is a problem

Reunion’s traditional dish is composed of rice, beans (daal), « cari », and « achard ».

By Studio Lumière

On the street sides, you will easily find small food trucks selling Samossa, « Bonbons piments » or « Bouchons ».

By Emmanuel VIRIN

Biriyani or Briyani is also a must try on the Island. Chinese food is also very tasty.

By Emmanuel VIRIN

For the croissant lovers, you will find your happiness in any Boulangerie of the Island. And for the fine gourmets, Gastronomic Restaurants will make your food journey memorable!

5. There is nothing to do on the Island

You can visit the Island. Or you can experience it:

In the air

On Land

Fresh Waters

In the Ocean

6. It is difficult to reach the Island

You have 2 options :

No excuse !

7. France means….Visa.

Yes it does. But guess what ? There is a simplification for Indian Citizens !

Indian nationals no longer need a visa for stays of up to 15 days.
To organise their stay, they have three options:

  • They can contact a travel agency in India offering Reunion Island as a destination to buy a package tour (flight + accommodation). This agency will then contact an incoming agency on Reunion Island with a licence to request visa waivers.
  • Or they can apply to an incoming agency on Reunion Island which can also sell package tours here
  • Or they can book their flight directly with the airline and apply to a local agency with a licence to organise their stay (accommodation, activities, transport on the island etc.).

8. It is only for honeymooners.

Reunion Island is indeed a wonderful destination for newly weds : luxury hotels, spa, candle dinners…

But solo travelers, family, children and friends also can have their part of fun. From visiting the Turtle Sanctuary of Kelonia to a night in Casino, the possibilities are endless !

See you soon !

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