Reunion Island | The Ultimate Experience

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Ultimate, Intense, Magical, Extreme… a thousand of adjectives would not be enough to describe Reunion Island.

This French oversea Island in the Indian Ocean is a little gem, a secret place that only a few well-informed Indians know….

Reunion Island

As revealed by its name, Reunion Island is the place where France, India, China and Africa meet together in peace and harmony.

It is the place where Mother Nature has decided to show its best creations: active volcano, waterfalls, lagoon, pristine forests, canyons, endemic plants…

It is the place where Whales have decided to breed, coming from the Antarctica to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Where dolphins and turtles have established their home.

If there is one place in this World you cannot miss, it is:


This is a Facts & Figures of Reunion Island, with 840000inhabitants, the French oversea Island is located in the Indian Ocean. There is a 6 hour direct flight from Chennai, and visa simplification for Indian citizens


A Season to travel : june to october 
A Hotel to stay: Lux* Saint-Gilles, Le Battant des Lames Saint-Pierre
A travel agency: Anthurium 
How long : at least 1 week
Not to be missed: the Volcano, the Maïdo, Grand Galet Waterfall
To do: helicopter tour, paragliding, diving, rafting or simply trekking...
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