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Written by Cat

Reunion Island is kid-friendly, you do not have to worry about how to entertain your little ones. Nature, Museums, Entertainment Parks, here is a list of ideas to keep them busy.

1. Kelonia

The turtle ranch of Kelonia will give your kids the opportunity to observe Marine Turtles and to understand their life habits from migration to mating habits. Kelonia participates to the rehabilitation of injured turtles and to research programs

Picture of a turtle

2. The Aquarium 

The Aquarium gives and interactive, playful and education visit to the kids. Around 500 fish species are to be observed, it is an open window to the Ocean.

This is a picture of the Aquarium of Reunion Island
Aquarium of Saint-Gilles
3. Fragrances and Spices garden

In this garden, you can discover the many spices and plants that Reunion has to offer: turmeric, geranium, vetiver, vanilla, coffee, tea… It is a great way for kids to discover what Nature has to offer to us, and to buy local products!

This is picture of Fragrances and Spices Garden in Reunion Island
Fragrances and Spices garden
4. Lagoon

The lagoon of Reunion Island is safe, and the turquoise waters house a colourful fauna. As the water level is low, it is easy to walk with kids and to observe underwater with a mask. Some shacks on the beach will rent you transparent kayak or paddle to enjoy the lagoon even more.

The lagoon of Ermitage at Sunset
5. Adventure Park & Summer luge

A new way to enjoy Nature with a bit of sensations: this recreational park will give a lot of fun to your kids. From bridges to zip-lines, it is a good and fun way to test balance and agility. The height of the infrastructures depends on the age.

Summer Luge in Maïdo

6. AkOatys – Aqua park

You might want to take a day off the beach to enjoy this aqua park: toboggans, wave pool, it is the paradise for kids! Closed in winter season (May to October).

This is a picture of AkOatys, the Aquaparc of Reunion Island

7. A Museum? Volcano City

This modern museum will explain your little ones the Volcano activity of the Island with innovative technologies: 4D screen, holographic, tactile screens etc. Initiated by the passionate volcanologists, it is a good introduction on the way to the Volcano. 

8. Visiobul and Dolphin Safari

The Visiobul is the ideal bubble-boat for a panoramic view of the marine life. You will feel like in the water, surrounded by fishes.

The Dolphin Safari is a 2-hour cruise to observe the dolphins, turtles and whales (between July and October).

This is a picture of a boat safari to spot dolphins in Reunion Island
Le Grand Bleu
9. Picnic at the Anse des Cascades

The Dominical Picnic is an institution in Reunion Island. The Reunion Families rush to the picnic spots all around the Island with pots full of delicious homemade carrys. 

You can also enjoy this family gateway, and I share with you my favorite spot on the Island: Anse des Cascades, Sainte-Rose. This wonderful palm grove with waterfalls is also the departure point for local anglers. A hidden gem.

This is a picture of Anse des Casces, a picnic place with a waterfall

10. SPA !

Yes you got it right!!! Several Spas in Reunion Island also have a Spa offer for your little loves with access to the swimming pool – the perfect way to relax without feeling guilty!!!!

This is a picture of the Palm Hotel & Spa at Reunion Island, a women is in the Spa's swimming pool

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