For adrenaline hunters !

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Ever wanted to combine holidays with adventure ? You are at the right place! Here is a list of crazy experiences to do on Reunion Island, for nature lovers and thrills hunters !

These activities / sports are extremes and need to be supervised by an expert.

1. Helicopter Tour

If you ever wanted to do a helicopter tour but wondered where: IT IS HERE!

You do not just go on helicopter tour, you see the Island from another point of view, you discover secret places only accessible by helicopter, you get thrills hoping from a caldera to another and fly over a thousand of different landscapes: forests, lagoon, volcano, caldera, waterfall…

This is a picture of a helicopter flying over Takamaka waterfall in Reunion Island
©Serge Gélabert
2. Diving / Snorkeling 

The coral of Reunion Island is young and offers a wide variety of diving spots. From a steep wall to a shipwreck, you can explore a huge marine life biodiversity. Between June and October, the ballet of whales will make the experience unforgettable.

Diving in Reunion Island

3. Paragliding

 Fly with the Paille-en-Queue (tropicbirds) – these typical birds from Reunion Island – above the lagoon and get the feeling of freedom. The instructor will do everything for you, you just have to relax and enjoy the flight and the landscapes under you.

This is a picture of paragliding over the lagoon in Reunion Island

4. Lava Tubes

Explore the heart of Earth with this speleology experience. Equipped with helmet and headlamp, you will crawl through the underground tunnels built naturally by the lava flows. A fun, educative and unique moment to get a new point of view of the Island.

Lava Tubes, Reunion Island

5. Rafting

Reunion is blessed with nature and white waters. If you like extreme sports, rafting down the river will be a fun way to face the forces of nature and get some adrenaline pumping!

This a rafting on a river in Reunion Island
6. Hiking

The number ONE activity you cannot miss on Reunion Island. Whether you love trekking or you prefer small strolls, there are plenty of hiking paths that will bring you to the best sceneries of the Island. The UNESCO World Heritage status natural park gathers a wonderful native fauna and flora.

This is a picture of a woman trekking in Salazie, Reunion Island
7. Recumbent Bicycle

Ride safely on the road of the Island with this stable, comfortable and playful three-wheeled horizontal bike. It is the perfect way to discover the Island while taking care of your body.

This is a picture of recumbent bike on the road in Reunion Island
© Lionel Ghighi
8. Mountain Bike

Full sensations with the mountain bike. Ride downhill from the breath-taking top of Le Maïdo: ideal for nature lovers and adrenaline rush!

This is a caption of a mountain bike in Reunion Island, riding down the hill
9. Horse riding

Ride on a horseback through the forest and end the trek with the sunset on the beach… Nothing better to be closer to the nature, surrounded by stunning landscapes.

This is a picture of horses on the beach of Reunion Island
© Serge Gélabert
10. Canyoning

Definitely for adrenaline hunters: swimming, jumping, climbing, abseiling… Explore the savage beauty of the Island while getting some thrills!

This is a picture of canyoning in Reunion Island's fresh white waterss



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